We are an A&R company specializing in artist branding and promotion. Our music promotion services have helped countless artists succeed by reaching more real listeners and gaining real popularity in the music industry.


If you are not having success getting on a playlist we can help.


We know artists reach out to Spotify and other playlisters and are met with little or no response. Song submissions take time and can be frustrating. Just be more persistent, right? Think about it, playlist curators are busy. They listen to 1000 songs a week and then are expected to open and read 10 times as many music submission emails. Most of them have second jobs. It’s not possible. They want and need new music, just not the way artists send it.


That’s where we come in. As song pluggers, we have a certain method and a professional relationship with the playlisters, and we filter the right music to the right curators. They trust us. Our relationship with them ensures the success of both the artists and the playlist. If you have seen an artist added to a playlist, they may have talked to us and we suggested them. We know how to “pitch” to playlisters. We do the tedious job of screening music for them. 


We get your music heard by real listeners in your genre.

Your listens will be organic and your related artists or “fans also like” will have match your style.


We guarantee:


100% organic streams from a playlist of similar and / or bigger artists than you.

100% organic radio play. 

100% proper music placement


Get started here: 

The value we provide is in our personal connections and relationships we have. We display your music to the music curators in a method that the playlisters accept. We know how to talk to curators, and we know who will want your music. We know how to pitch artists and their music.


We get your music heard!




You will get what we promise, or we will not charge you.


We tell you in advance our services and fees and only offer you something we can provide if we like your music and we have a place for it.

We offer music marketing and Spotify playlist pitching. Amplified PR is a top rated music marketing agency. 


Promotional Levels

Release Strategy

If you have a new Single, Ep, or Album releasing then this is the choice for you.  Having your song on powerful playlists the day it drops is a huge key to success of the song. 

Artist Strategy 

Artists who want to take their music to the next level.  Submissions for artist reviews  along with spotify submission to Corporate playlists. 

Viral Strategy 

For Artists and Labels who want to give their music every possibility of going viral . Your music will land on some of the most popular playlists.  

Chart Strategy

Ever wonder how artists may the charts. It's all in your strategy. Choosing one song to push to the listeners is the key. And we have the strategy to make it happen. 

Privay Policy  


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